Bradd Milove

Bradd Milove is a leading investment and securities Lawyer focusing on the recovery of investor losses due to the fault or neglect of Investment Advisers. Our practice is built on 35 years of experience restoring family wealth due to negligent, deceptive or fraudulent investment sales practices of an array of investment advisers such as Financial Planners, Registered Investment Advisers, Insurance Agents, CPAs, Attorneys and the like.

Our firm possesses a pristine reputation for excellence and integrity, successfully representing damaged investors nationwide in complex Arbitration, Mediation and Court proceedings.

We possess extensive experience litigating in State and Federal courts as well as representing many hundreds of defrauded investors in private dispute resolution actions such as arbitration and mediation. Our current practice focuses on the representation of investors against brokers, agents or scam artists in Arbitration, Mediation and Court proceedings arising from a broad range of failed investments caused by the acts, omissions or neglect of professional Investment Advisers.

These complex cases typically are brought against substantial Investment firms, insurance companies, accountants and other sophisticated operations which have not and will not deal fairly with their trusting clientele. Most of our cases result from referrals by former clients, attorneys and judges familiar with our performance. Place your case into our proven hands.