Bradd Milove is a leading investment and securities Lawyer focusing on the recovery of investor losses due to the fault or neglect of Financial Advisers. Our practice is built on 35 years of experience restoring family wealth due to the negligent, deceptive and fraudulent investment sales practices of “Financial Advisers” such as Financial Planners, Stock Brokers, Insurance Agents, Accountants, RIAs, Start Up Company Promoters, Attorneys and others posing as financial experts offering financial advice for a fee.

Our firm, located in La Jolla, California, possesses a long standing reputation for excellence and integrity while for decades successfully representing damaged investors nationwide in complex Arbitration, Mediation and Court proceedings. Our current practice focuses on a select few cases that seek to restore the family wealth of high net worth investors and retirees suffering damages due to the negligence, fraud or other malfeasance of purported financial experts. We will diligently pursue wrongdoers regardless of locale, as we possess extensive experience arbitrating and litigating investment disputes in various State and Federal courts plus representing many hundreds of defrauded investors nationwide in FINRA, AAA and JAMS arbitration. Our experience covers a broad range of failed investments caused by the acts, omissions, schemes, fraud and neglect of Financial Advisers.

These typically complex cases are usually brought against substantial Wall Street investment firms, insurance companies, accountants and other sophisticated operations which have not and will not deal fairly with their trusting clientele absent proven legal representation. We know that no case is easy, each case is as significant as the last and each case has a profound and oftentimes life changing impact on those victimized by the unlawful behavior of trusted “financial advisers”. Each and every case deserves and receives our focused attention. We are proud that most of our cases are referrals from former clients, attorneys, arbitrators and judges familiar with our performance. We offer free initial consultations to investors, law firms and investment professionals in need of our counsel and professional services. It makes sense to place your investment related disputes into proven hands.